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Missions & Goals of the Oceans for Youth Foundation

Conceived in 1998 and incorporated in 1999, Oceans for Youth Foundation is a non-profit foundation designed to encourage underwater education for everyone from youth to adults. Using a variety of educational tools, the Foundation has implemented specific programs that draws everyone into being more aware and interested in the underwater environment.

The mission of Oceans for Youth: to promote awareness, understanding, leadership and appreciation for the marine environment through the development, promotion and distribution of educational materials, programs and other media.

The primary goal: to interest and prepare youth and adults for the joy and excitement of exploring and protecting the underwater world, utilizing educational institutions, teachers, parents and volunteers. It is the foundation's belief that a young person introduced early to the wonders of the oceans will naturally become much more environmentally aware and practice a lifelong attitude of ocean conservation and protection.

Board of Directors: Oceans for Youth Foundation is guided by a volunteer Board of Directors who have all had long and successful careers in the dive industry. It is the intent of the Board to share their interest and passion for the oceans.

Wayne Hasson
Jewell Esposito
Mark Young
Wayne Brown
Larry Speaker

Advisory Committee:
Jean-Michel Cousteau
Dr. Guy Harvey
Jerry Beaty
Anne Hasson

Oceans for Youth Foundation is funded through grants, donations, fund raising events.


* DVD Production, Marine Life Series, Part One
* "Isles Under The Sea" Patrons Dinner and Auction
* Underwater Film Festivals, Gulf Coast High School
* Marine Poster/Marine Art Contest
* Summer Aqua Camp, Collier County YMCA
* Galapagos Kid's/Family Week
* Bay Islands Kid's/Teen Camp
* Cayman Islands Kid's Training Camp
* Production Galapagos Family Video
* Production Belize Family Video
* Production Silver Bank "Humpback Whale Family Adventure"
* Recognized PADI SASY Certification Program
* "Try Scuba" Events nationwide associated with DEMA
* Youth Presentations by volunteers, reaching over 400,000 to date
* Created volunteer base for school presentations, over 3500 worldwide
* Creation of Oceans for Youth Web site www.oceansforyouth.org
* Oceans Career Fairs

Goals and Objectives:

* DVD Production, Marine Life Series, Part Two
* Kids Summer Camp Kids 6-10 centered around water skills
* Teen Scuba Camp, training and preparation for employment in the dive industry
* High School Assembly Programs - Marine Environment Protection & Preservation
* Enhance Scholarship Fund
* Mentoring Program for the Dive Industry
* Youth Internship Program
* Marine Science Summer Camp Kids 11-17
* Summer Camps utilizing Jean Michele Cousteau's Reef Ambassadors Program
* Marine Art and Music Festival nationwide
* Increase awareness by using dive retail stores to make local presentations
* Summer Camp for the Cognitively Impaired, Little Cayman B.W.I.

Who may underwrite and sponsor an Oceans for Youth standardized educational presentation or otherwise summer program for youth?

* Charitable Foundations
* Community Organizations
* Individual Donors & Sponsors
* Anonymous Sponsorships Available