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Frequently Asked Questions

For the most up-to-date Program and Travel Information, see the Cuba Travel Program "KNOW BEFORE YOU GO"

Who and how do we pay for this trip?
All funds must be paid to the Oceans for Youth Foundation who will then forward your monies to the appropriate companies for your Cuba Travel Program. By U.S. law as the license holder for the People-to-People program, all funds must be paid by the traveler directly to Oceans For Youth Foundation.

What travel documents will be provided by Oceans For Youth and required for travel to Cuba?
Oceans For Youth will provide you with an authorization letter that we issue under our license from the OFAC office of the US Treasury Department. This is available for you to print through the Guest Information System (GIS) to take with you. It is each travelers responsibility to ensure their passport information matches the authorization letter.

How does the People-to-People program work and do I have to apply to the US government for a permit?
If you are traveling under the Oceans For Youth OFAC license, you are required to strictly follow the program outlined that is detailed in the authorization letter.

Who owns the Jardines Aggressor?
The Jardines Aggressor is owned by a Panamanian company that has a license to operate a LiveAboard from the Cuban government. They have been operating liveaboards in Cuba since 1993. They are very excited about offering the same amenities as the Aggressor Fleet.

I thought Americans were not able to spend US dollars in Cuba?  Will I be spending any US dollars while in Cuba? Can I buy souvenirs? Visitors can bring back $400 USD worth of goods from Cuba, including up to $100 of cigars and alcohol combined.

Can I use my American Express, Visa or MasterCard when I go to Cuba?
Yes, US travelers in Cuba can now use American credit cards as long as your credit card company has set up the facilities for this.

What is the Cuban Money?
Cuba has two official currencies. The Peso or CUP, sometimes called the ‘national peso’ and the Convertible Peso or CUC, sometimes referred to as the ‘dollar’. Most travelers will only ever deal in CUC.

What is the exchange rate?
The exchange rate for the CUC is 1 to 1.

How do you exchange money in Cuba?
The best rate will be at banks. The next best exchange rate is at any Cadeca. A Cadeca (Casa de Cambio which means House of Exchange) is a government exchange facility. They're located at airports, many resorts and hotels and at locations all over the Island. They are easily recognizable white containers on major roads and near major hotels, with a CADECA sign on top. You can also exchange at hotels or resorts but the rate is not regulated.

How do I make my travel arrangements?
Aggressor Adventure Travel provides our program with air travel. Contact info@aggressortravel.com or call the Oceans For Youth Foundation Reservations numbers.

Can we use US money for tips?
Absolutely! The Jardines Aggressor will accept USD and CUC for gratuities.

How do we answer US Customs questions when returning to the USA?
If you are asked by a US immigration or customs officer about your travel, please have your authorization letter on you to show them if necessary.

Is there internet in Cuba and will the hotel and boat have it?
There will be internet available to you at the hotel but not onboard the Jardines Aggressor I or II.

What if I need medical care in Cuba?
There are hospitals and clinics that treat tourists. Your program guide will be able to direct you to the nearest facility. Travelers are required to have proof of medical insurance while in Cuba if asked.

Does Cuba have a recompression chamber with qualified personel to operate it?
Yes, there are several recompression chambers in Cuba with qualified personel manning them should you have an issue.

Does Divers Alert Network and Diveassure cover dive accident insurance while in Cuba? Travelers will need to contact them direct.

Do you offer travel insurance to Cuba? Yes, the Aggressor Adventure travel department offers travel insurance to Cuba through Allianz Global Assistance. This can be purchased by calling +1-706-644-0052.

Do we need additional shots or vaccinations?
No, there are no required vaccinations for US citizens before traveling to Cuba.

Do we need to know how to speak Spanish?
No, most Cubans speak enough English to help you.

Will the OFY Cuba Travel Program be able to handle dietary restrictions?
Specialty food items are very limited and depending on your dietary restrictions, it may not be possible during your trip.

Will our travel insurance program work in Cuba, including our dive insurance policies?
Please check with your insurance company to ensure they have added Cuba to their program after the rule was lifted January 16, 2015.

What is the minimum age limit for the Cuba Travel Program?
The minimum age limit of the Cuba Travel Program is 10 years of age and older. The age limit to scuba dive by Cuban law is 15 years of age.

If I am a US citizen and wanting more information on traveling to Cuba, is there a website I can go to?
Following is the US Department of Treasury website providing more information: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/sanctions/Pages/default.aspx

Am I able to write off any portion of my trip on my taxes for the charitable work I will be doing?
Travelers may download the tax letter after final payment has been made which will provide documentation of your charitable work on behalf of Oceans For Youth Foundation (501C3), and our Cuba Marine Conservation Program. View Sample Letter.