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Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer participate with Oceans for Youth. The main purpose of our foundation is to provide volunteers the with tools to help make presentations in groups and schools -- to educate and excite youth about the oceans and about life beneath the waves. It’s a fragile environment, and it will be up to our next generation to understand and protect it. We hope that your efforts will help ignite a long-term interest in the marine environment.

Oceans for Youth has developed a series of standardized educational presentations that can be delivered to children by local volunteers that have a love for the ocean and would like to give presentations to groups in schools and youth-oriented settings.

Our first DVD contains 15 chapters, each one about 5 minutes in length. It gives you the flexibility to make a presentation of any length, or the ability to return a number of times with new material. Each chapter is designed to educate viewers about specific aspects of the marine/ocean environment, and leave everyone with a sense or wonder. Following each chapter is an optional Q&A segment, which runs approximately 2 minutes.

More About These Materials.

Oceans for Youth DVD Part 1 contains fifteen programs that are suitable for presentations in groups ranging from age four to adult. The DVD comes with a presenter’s guide, and the following section of this web site, "Getting Started as an Oceans for Youth Volunteer," explains how to approach schools and venues for acceptance as a presenter.

This DVD is for presentation use by volunteers who have a genuine affection for the underwater world -- marine enthusiasts, environmentalists and naturalists, snorkelers and scuba divers.

Using this DVD will allow you to show viewers marine plants and animals in the world's oceans. It will help you create an opportunity for children and adults to discuss the characteristics of living things. In addition, the DVD will help you instill in viewers with a desire to explore the marine environment on their own. Oceans for Youth maintains that those who explore the underwater world come to appreciate it and will help protect it.

Learn More About Getting Started SeaScope Lesson Plans & Teacher's Guide

To Request the Volunteer DVD.

The DVD is available for adults wishing to volunteer to visit schools and other youth groups. The shipping and handling charge is $7.99, payable by credit card. Or you may elect to make a tax-deductible donation to Oceans for Youth to help fund ongoing development of our next educational/volunteer products. If you choose to make a donation, the shipping and handling charge is included.

Your name and all information will be kept completely confidential. Contact Us to Request the Volunteer DVD.